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The Modern Dragon


The Modern Dragon is a blog where

Lynton illustrates and explores the lives and behaviors of the worlds remaining dragons. For everything Modern Dragon click on the button. For a sampling of the artwork enjoy the gallery below.

I'm just a Birdy too.

"I'm just a Birdy too"-Dragons are masters of camouflage.

A Job Well Done

'A Job Well Done'- Dragons are great at destroying things.

Trial by Fire

'Trial by Fire'- If in doubt,set it on fire.

Gnome Enigma

'Gnome Enigma'- If Gnomes are gone, dragons are behind it.

Keep off the grass

'Keep off the grass'-Some dragons have authority issues.

Great Hunter

'Great Hunter'-Majestic with his catch.

Old Enemies

'Old Enemies'- Butterflies: The treasure that can't be hoarded.

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Wolfs clothing

'Wolf's Clothing"- The only thing more dangerous than a wolf in sheep's clothing...

Food Fight

'Food Fight'- One man's trash is a dragon's menu.


'Together'-Dragons pair for life.

Fun with a Garden Hose

'Fun with a Garden Hose'- Dragons, the protectors of water.

The Answer to the Question

'The Answer to the Question'- How many dragons does it take?

Look what I can do!

'Look what I can do!'- I would travel around the entire world for you!

If it fits I sits

'If it fits I sits'- Some behavior cannot be explained.

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